Terri HaseTerri Hase is a Hollywood personality wrapped up in the plain spoken warmth and charm of a mid western farm girl. How’s that for a combo!? She’s quirky, fun, fast paced and bound to leave her mark on your life.

Born and raised in Southern California she’s buzzed around the entertainment industry her whole life. What began in the days of tap and ballet as a child, grew through High School Drama, becoming an International Thespian, organizing College dramatic festivals, and on to pioneering her own youth repertory company in later life. Her professional career also saw her front and center running group trainings and workshops. Connecting with audiences is in her blood.

Terri served as the General Manager of one of the world’s largest coach training organizations for more than 5 years and brings her proven leadership and coach approach to every endeavor. In fact, it was after beginning her career in Professional Coaching she was introduced to this wonderful little thing called the Teleclass. The opportunity to bring her full personality into use sharing knowledge with the ease of picking up the phone was absolute heaven! As technology advanced, and continues to advance, Terri has adapted and thrives in Teleclasses, Tele-Conferences, video conference, webinars, video production, public speaking, podcasting and Internet radio.

The icing on the cake, in more ways than one, was when Terri exchanged vows, (and merged skill sets), with her husband and lifelong friend, Vincent Hase. Vince is a master of voice work, theater, comedy, audio and video production and more. It’s the perfect pairing that’s taken Terri’s vocal reach to the next level and beyond! Partner with Terri Hase to step up, take the mic and unlock your own Power 2 Present!

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